Respirator Fit Testing

What is Respirator Fit Testing?

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) fit testing is completed to ensure that employees are adequately protected from hazardous particles. This testing should be conducted annually, ensuring optimal fit and maximum protection for employees.

There are two types of testing that take place. These are:

Qualitative fit testing is a pass fail test that relies on the wearer’s subjective assessment as to whether they can detect a leak through their own sense of smell or taste. 

Quantitative fit testing uses specialised equipment called a Portacount, to measure how much air leaks into the respirator. 

Choose HOACHI for Respirator Fit Testing

HOACHI is an experienced provider of both qualitative and quantitative RPE fit testing. All testing is conducted in accordance to the Australian standards AS/NZ 1715:2009 Selection Use and Maintenance of Respiratory Protective Equipment (Half face, full face and disposable masks) and is suitable for all brands.