Mine Rescue Personnel

Image of miner performing a rescue task

What are Mine Rescue Medicals?

Participating in mine rescue operations can be physically and psychologically demanding and mine rescue personnel must be able to endure potentially harsh and hazardous conditions. 

Due to heightened risks caused by polluted atmospheres or poor ventilation, mine rescue personnel must wear self-contained breathing apparatus. These apparatus, along with increased humidity underground, increase the physiological burden and risk of suffering heat stress.

As a consequence, mines rescue personnel are subject to more regular and more stringent criteria when completing their health assessments. In addition to the standard health assessment components, mine rescue personnel are required to undertake a specialised V02 step test to assess physical fitness to ensure they can safely perform their role.

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Choose HOACHI for Mine Rescue Medicals

HOACHI’s medical team have extensive experience in the provision of Mine Rescue Medicals for Queensland mine and quarry workers. All testing is performed to the highest quality standards and in accordance with the current Guideline for the medical assessment of mines rescue personnel.

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