Training Seminars / Workshops

We offer a range of training sessions / workshops facilitated by experienced medical and allied health practitioners with specialised interest in preventative healthcare.

Sessions / workshops are generally delivered as 1-hour engagements (including Q&A), however can be modified accordingly to organisational requirements.

The content of these sessions can be directed by you, otherwise can cover a range of preventative health and self-improvement topics. Examples of potential themes / topics include:

✓ An overview of the latest medical research and guidelines on preventative healthcare focusing on “whole body” health;

✓ An overview of the latest research and guidelines on specific allied health topics including nutrition, movement & exercise, psychology, sleep;

✓ A debrief of the organisation’s aggregate (de-identified) health screening results providing additional clinical context around results and areas of collective focus;

✓ Performance / mindset coaching to help set and achieve positive / sustainable goals.

All of our sessions are designed to provide strong motivation to the audience for adopting better “preventative” lifestyle behaviours as well as offering further context and encouragement to participate in annual health screenings.

All sessions incorporate de-identified health screening data for your organisation (where available) to help reinforce and “personalise” key points to the audience.

Image of someone speaking to a group of people in a seminar / workshop style environment