Preventative Health Screening

HOACHI’s preventative health screening program offers unprecedented insights into individual and organisational health and is clinically proven to motivate positive behaviour change and improved health outcomes for participants.

What is it?

✓ A minimally-invasive, cost-effective way to provide your employees with comprehensive and confidential insights into their physical and mental health.

✓ Provides your organisation with a snapshot of key health risks and trends, allowing you to target your employee wellbeing efforts more effectively.

✓ We’ve distilled the key components of a traditional executive health assessment into a delivery model that covers 14 significant and interrelated physical and mental health components and can be performed onsite in under 20 minutes.

✓ We run a flexible booking platform and charge on a per-participant basis. Depending on your site schedule, each of our health practitioners (RN or GP) can see up to 25 participants per day.

✓ We take care of end-to-end project management, including drafting communications material, management of participant bookings, onsite delivery, and preparation of a detailed management report on program outcomes and efficacy.

✓ As a registered medical entity, our IT applications and screening procedures adopt the most rigorous quality and privacy standards, ensuring all health information is kept confidential and appropriately safeguarded.


A HOACHI preventative health screening covers 14 key bio-psycho-social health components to give holistic insights into a participant’s physical and psychological health. Together, these leading and trailing health indicators cover >80% of the cardiometabolic risk factors currently burdening the health systems of Australia and other Western nations.

What does it involve?

A HOACHI preventative health screening takes just 20 minutes and involves a simple online questionnaire followed by a minimally invasive physical assessment and blood test with a Registered Nurse or GP. The process has been streamlined to provide maximum clinical output for a relatively small investment of time, ensuring minimal disruption to your organisation’s operational schedule.

Preventative health flow chart with timings of each section

Proven Results

Since launching this service, we have generated significant objective and subjective outcomes for both employers and employees. This is measured through a combination of year-on-year statistics and feedback data from participants and organisational stakeholders.

Statistics and outcomes of health screening services

Improve the Health of Your Organisation Now

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