Allied Health

HOACHI now offers Allied Health services to rural and regional organisations across a choice of three interrelated allied health disciplines:

✓ Psychology;

✓ Nutrition;

✓ Exercise Physiology.

How does it work?

✓ Consultations are conducted with employees in 30-45 minute increments at periodic intervals nominated by you (e.g. weekly / monthly / quarterly).

✓ Consultations take place face-to-face or remotely using streamlined and fully secure tele-consultation facilities.

✓ Employees book their allied health consultation via a dedicated booking link with appointments facilitated on a first-come-first serve basis up to the maximum number of appointments available for that day.

✓ Prior to the consultation, HOACHI’s Allied Health Practitioner will make necessary preparations including a review of the participant’s most recent health assessment results (if available) and / or any previous allied health consultations conducted by the participant.

✓ Following the consultation, the Allied Health Practitioner will prepare clinical notes in our medical practice management software outlining the nature of the discussion and advice given to the participant. These notes are also summarised in a debrief email that is sent to the participant.

✓ Your organisation will receive a periodic reporting summary of participation statistics including breakdown by organisational cohorts (e.g. age, gender, business unit, etc.).

Anonymous – Rolleston Open Cut

“It has been great to work with the HOACHI psychologist about my mental health. Lisa has offered me achievable strategies to improve my mental wellbeing. I have noticed a difference in my mood since seeing Lisa and I hope to continue to see her.”


David M – Coal Mine Worker

“The HOACHI psychologist is a very good communicator. She listens to me and engages in our conversations. I’ve learnt different ways to handle difficult situations and control my emotions. I am motivated to put the things we have discussed into place and I look forward to my sessions with her.”