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Heart of Australia Corporate Health Initiative (HOACHI) has been commissioned by Resources Safety & Health Queensland (RSHQ) to provide rural and regional Queensland with a mobile health service that will provide world-class health assessment services (including respiratory health surveillance) for current, retiring and former coal mine, mineral mine & quarry workers.

The purpose of this service is to complement existing regional providers and work collaboratively to provide unprecedented accessibility and the highest quality service provision in the early detection and prevention of mine dust lung diseases across mine and quarry sectors in Queensland.

Heart of Australia’s newest truck (HEART 5), a 26m B-Double, will have broad geographical coverage and provide unprecedented onsite access to services such as spirometry, X-ray and CT. The state-of-the-art mobile clinic will have the capacity to provide standalone services or deliver full mine and quarry worker health assessments, helping offset travel expenditure and lost productivity costs for many remote mine and quarry sites.

HOACHI will be registered with RSHQ as an approved provider for the Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme and will meet the requirements for medical practitioners performing respiratory health surveillance for mineral mine and quarry workers.

The new truck will be operational in mid-2021 and will also provide HOACHI’s existing range of corporate health and wellbeing services. These services can be performed separately or in combination, according to individual site need and in coordination with your Appointed Medical Adviser/s and existing Health Service Providers.

Seeking Expressions of Interest

As part of our planning activities for the new HEART 5 truck, we are seeking expressions of interest from mine and quarry operators that may benefit from a mobile health service, either now or in the future. This information will help us ensure that health services are deployed in areas where there is greatest utility and potential for industry and community benefit.

We would greatly value your feedback and contribution by completing the following short survey:


Group of Employees in high vis standing in front of HOA truck