Welcome HEART 3 to the family

Posted on 19th March 2019

On Friday 1 March, Heart of Australia Founder, and cardiologist, Dr Rolf Gomes, joined with staff and supporters to launch the latest addition to our outback fleet, our first compact mobile clinic, HEART 3.

Brisbane cardiologist, Dr Gomes, said that while HEART 3 was ‘mini’ when compared to HEART 1 and HEART 2, the custom-built 18 and 34-wheeler mobile clinics, there was nothing mini about the services it would be delivering.

“HEART 3 has been designed and built to deliver any specialist service that HEART 1 and HEART 2 can do, including cardiology, neurology and endocrinology,” Dr Gomes said.

“It features a full cardiac testing room complete with treadmill and ultrasound, a multi-purpose bed capable of providing gynaecological services, a respiratory testing machine, and state of the art colposcope equipment. It is an impressive addition to our fleet of outback mobile clinics.”

Dr Gomes said the new mini mobile clinic would play an essential role in providing additional capacity for service delivery to the 16 Queensland towns and surrounding communities currently visited by Heart of Australia.

“There are times when we need additional capacity for testing and specialist consultations, such as during the months immediately following the introduction of new specialist services into towns,” Dr Gomes said.

“It’s not uncommon for a town to have zero specialists in a particular field on site locally for many years, and so when we start offering a community local onsite access to a cardiologist, endocrinologist or gynaecologist, the backlog can be extensive. It’s at times like these that boosting our capacity with HEART 3 will be invaluable.”

HEART 3 will also be used to offer a skeleton service during times when HEART 1 or HEART 2 are off the road for servicing and maintenance, and to assist with community engagement events.

The bulk of the funding required to construct and fit out the $1million custom-clinic was provided by corporate sponsors and charitable foundations, committed to the mission of providing essential medical services to the people of rural and regional Queensland.”

Dr Gomes said that several sponsors and supporters had rallied together to ensure HEART 3 was built as promptly as possible, and to ensure its ability to fund its operations that will deliver the services.

“Without the support of our sponsors and supporters, including the Eloise Gannon Foundation, Girls Got Heart and our Foundation Partner, Arrow Energy, we could not have realised the dream of HEART 3 as quickly as we have.

“Equally as important are those supporters who will keep us on the road with fuel, tyres, vehicle servicing and support, and of course, our staff.”

With the launch of HEART 3 complete, the attention of those involved in the design and construction of Heart of Australia’s custom mobile clinics can turn to HEART 4, which will serve an additional nine (9) towns in northern Queensland including The Cape, from 2020.

Have a look at the photos we took at the Heart 3 launch!

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