The Women of Heart of Australia

Posted on 5th March 2020

Women play a vital role in all aspects of Heart of Australia’s operations, helping to shape our vision and deliver our services across rural and regional communities. This International Women’s Day we are taking a moment to celebrate their collective contributions, which help make Heart of Australia what it is.

Women’s contributions to Heart of Australia began when Heart of Australia was just a dream. As Dr Gomes was developing the idea, he received feedback, support, and offers of help (if he ever managed to make it happen) from female colleagues, some of whom have come to work as specialists on the Heart Trucks. We would also like to acknowledge Leisa Elder of Arrow Energy, who was instrumental in developing the foundation partnership. Securing support and funding from Arrow allowed the first Heart Truck to commence operations, and for the program to expand and flourish. 

And of course, it would be remiss of us not to recognise the standout contributions made by Heart of Australia Director, Kylie Gomes. Without her support, dedication and vision, Heart of Australia might never have made the leap from dream to reality.

Women play a pivotal role in our ongoing strategic and day-to-day operations. They represent the majority of both our full-time team members and our senior management team, contributing their extensive knowledge, skills, dedication and experience to Heart of Australia’s mission.

As an organisation, we seek to champion our hardworking team members all year round, often as individuals. Additionally, on International Women’s Day, we like to take the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the collective impact of the hardworking women within our team and give thanks to the women of Heart of Australia.

We want to thank our Senior Management, Kylie, Veronica and Juanita for their dedication and expertise. The work of these truly inspiring women provides the foundation Heart of Australia so firmly stands on. They amplify the positive impact our organisation can deliver in the world as we work to end health inequity based on the tyranny of distance.

We want to thank Heart of Australia’s specialist doctors, Dr Kelly Carruthers (Endocrinologist), Dr Andrea Fernandes (Endocrinologist), and Dr Reena Tewari (General Physician and Geriatrician) who use their knowledge, skills and drive to provide specialist services to rural Australians, who might otherwise go without. They have contributed to the 8,000 patients that Heart of Australia has seen since commencing services in 2014. These impact-driven, highly-regarded professionals are changing lives for the better.

We have a team of highly skilled and talented Sonographers, which includes four women – Ashley, Debbie, Emma, and Rebecca. Each is a deeply valued part of our team and we are incredibly fortunate to work with them.

One of the most recognised faces aboard our heart trucks when out on the road is Medical Aide and Cardiac Scientist, Maria. She is dedicated, hardworking and engaged, and is also often responsible for photos from the road that we share on social media.

Siana in our Operations Team, works tirelessly to manage almost everything that happens on and off the trucks in our locations throughout rural QLD. Amongst her many tasks she ensures our crew and specialists arrive at the mobile clinics on wheels and have somewhere to sleep when out on the road.

The team of Bookings Coordinators Kat, Adeleen, and Jasmin have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to juggling patient bookings across multiple heart trucks, multiple towns and multiple specialties. They are booking goddesses. When natural disasters strike or logistics challenges arise, these are the women who swing into action, develop solutions and rearrange appointments as necessary. The Bookings team also bring a great sense of joy to the office, and their dedication to patient experience is a continuous reminder of why we do what we do.

Ally in our admin team contributes to many facets of our organisation. The large variety of tasks Ally performs, ensures the smooth operation of Heart of Australia. Playing a crucial role in our day to day operations.

We cannot overemphasise that the women of Heart of Australia play an instrumental role in the work we do 365 days a year. But we love that International Women’s Day provides us with just one more opportunity to highlight this to our broader community.

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