Taking testing on board to a new level

Posted on 24th October 2016

We’re delighted to confirm that QML Pathology has come on board to enable Heart of Australia to boost on-the-road services with all-important pathology services.

It means that GPs across our 12-town fortnightly clinic services now have quick and early access to pathology results – a crucial and fundamental tool in patient diagnosis.

We would like to thank everyone at QML Pathology for their support, with a special shout out to QML Pathology’s Christie Hoger who conducted the on-board training of Heart of Australia staff Chris Wilson and Trudy Bressow.

Heart of Australia Founder and CEO Dr Rolf Gomes, has welcomed the new service association as “a key step forward in extending the on-the-road medical support we can offer to the bush”.

QML CEO, John McKechnie stated “Heart of Australia is an organisation which we believe is aligned to QML Pathology’s values and contributes a great deal to the community. We are excited to see how our collaboration will improve access to medical services in rural areas.”

QML Pathology has spent more than 90 years providing first rate and reliable services to Queensland and New South Wales medical practitioners and patients. Their vast testing capacity extends across Cardiology, Haematology, Biochemistry, Endocrinology, Microbiology, Histopathology, Cytopathology, Immunology and Cytogenetics. QML Pathology has 24 laboratories and over 635 collection centres located throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales supported by over 35 specialist pathologists and over 2,000 staff.

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