Seriously, it’s no bull – a $7,500 sale

Posted on 4th October 2017


Better believe it! Charleville graziers Noel and Jill Mobbs, from Gowrie Station, have gifted Heart of Australia the winning bid of $7,500 made for Gowrie Brave Heart, a 21-month-old bull at a Gowrie Simbrah and Simmental sale on September 28.

Brave Heart was Lot 35 at the 100-lot sale and after the heat of bidding, the gentle Big Fella was knocked down to Erne MacAllan, from Blackall.

Noel has the distinction of having been one of the first Charleville-area patients to consult Heart of Australia founder and CEO, Dr Rolf Gomes on what’s now widely known in the West as “the Heart Truck”.

Dr. Gomes said: “What a grand thing Noel and Jill have done by giving Heart of Australia the sale price of Brave Heart. It’s part of so much support that comes our way – from the very country people our service is deliberately designed to help”.        

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