Rising to the challenge of Covid-19

Posted on 7th April 2020

We are living through a moment in history we will never forget. The past few weeks have been challenging for many, including our patients and our team members. But the heart and spirit of the Heart of Australia family continue to shine bright.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporarily parked our trucks in strategic locations, from where they will continue to provide static services. We intend to deliver the same number of clinic days, but to do it in a different format, temporarily.

This continuation of services has been made possible thanks to a range of outstanding people and organisations.

Our bookings and logistics teams reorganised, rerouted and rescheduled our entire operation within just a few days – a seemingly impossible task. They brought their skills, wisdom and innovative ideas to the table, and worked tirelessly to make it happen. We cannot thank them enough.

Upon learning that we were parking our trucks in response to COVID-19, several towns reached out and offered us access to venues from which we could deliver temporary fixed-site services until the heart trucks hit the road again. The generosity of spirit and problem-solving attitudes of country people are just two of the many things we love about the communities we serve.

We must also acknowledge our drivers and all our office staff who are performing the essential disinfecting protocols in our heart trucks and our offices, to help keep our patients and our team safe.

It is still early days. The situation is fluid and evolves rapidly from one day to the next. However, with the support of our team, our patients and their communities, we will continue to do all we can to deliver specialist medical services to the people who depend on us during this challenging time.

Wishing you a safe and happy Easter.

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