Rex delivering doctors, crew & equipment to towns

Posted on 2nd March 2018

In order to keep the Heart Bus in regional towns for as long as possible, we shuttle our doctors, sonographers and members of the Heart of Australia team in and out for rotations by road, and often by air. By utilising the opportunity to fly our teams in, we minimise the amount of time they need to spend travelling and maximise the amount of time they are potentially available to see patients.

The opportunity to fly in and fly out our team, not to mention the occasional piece of life-saving medical equipment without incurring expensive excess baggage charges, is only made possible thanks to the ongoing support of Regional Express (Rex) airlines. Without their ongoing support, and their commitment to helping regional families access quality specialist services, we would not be able to fly our team all around the state.

Rex Corporate Communications Executive, Mary Blackburn welcomes the opportunity to continue to work with Heart of Australia in 2018.

“Being a regional airline one of our key values is our commitment to giving back to the communities we operate in, by supporting worthwhile causes that contribute to a better quality of life for the wider community.”

“We are excited to partner with Heart of Australia again in 2018, and to be given the opportunity to be a part of the great work Heart of Australia does in providing essential specialist medical services to remote Australian communities.”

Thanks, Rex. For helping deliver us to where our work is needed.

Photo Credit: Cathy Finch Photography

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