RACQ rolls West with us

Posted on 2nd November 2017

In the middle of setting a brand-new business pace, the RACQ joined our Heart of Australia specialist medicine “home delivery” service last month in Dalby.

The Mobile Member Centre truck rolled into the Western Downs and while our team were seeing patients, the RACQ team worked close by offering local people advice about the expanded business of the Club, along with free vehicle inspections.

Thanks to the RACQ team’s Keith Cassidy for joining us again on the road and we have more “pop-up” visits planned in the months ahead, so – keep an eye out because your town could be next!

It’s a fair bet that just about every Queenslander now knows that the RACQ, which kicked off 112 years ago with just a dozen “pioneering” vehicle owners, boasts 1.6 million members as Queensland’s largest club and now offer an exciting new option for members via the new RACQ Bank.

Thanks again to the RACQ for being one of Heart of Australia’s great team of business sponsors/supporters.

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