Lyrical, yes, but Lillian lays it on the line

Posted on 7th September 2018

In her delightfully lyrical manner of speech, Lillian Chow will tell anyone at all that without the Heart of Australia mobile specialist clinics – she wouldn’t be alive today. In fact, the lady is adamant on that point.

Born in Zambia and now resident in Emerald in Central Queensland, Lillian already had her airline ticket for a family-visit trip back to Africa, when she was referred to what’s affectionally known as The Heart Truck … only to find that she was on the edge, with cardiac artery blockages at extreme levels.

After emergency surgery in Brisbane to implant no fewer than 3 stents in her body and time for rehab, Lillian was back in her home of two years in Emerald.

An almost 60-years-old mother of five and grandmother of four, Lillian arrived in 2000 as a business migrant with her former husband – ”we waited seven years for Australian citizenship”- working in Sydney and Hobart.

 “If not for the truck, for Heart of Australia … well, I wouldn’t be here …”

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