Inspiring future doctors with a taste of outback medicine

Posted on 2nd March 2018

Our team has fallen in love with providing medical services to the people of outback Queensland. And if Verity Chadwick is any indication, we aren’t the only ones. Inspired by Dr Gomes’ episodes on Australian Story, Sydney-based medical student Verity reached out to Heart of Australia to donate her time and skills on the final Heart Bus rotation for 2017.

“I chose to volunteer because I like the innovative approach by which Heart of Australia provides cardiovascular care to remote and under-resourced communities,” Verity said.

Thanks to the support of some generous locals in the towns on our route, Verity not only experienced life as a medical student on board the truck, but was also treated to some personalised tours of our regional towns, giving her a true appreciation and insight into the beauty of the regions and the people who live and work there, as well as the challenges.

“The time spent with the Heart of Australia team – was intense and a genuine portrayal of what life on the road as a cardiology clinic really is. The communities were so open and easy going, and the waiting room always full of characters willing to chat about almost anything from the weather to the issues they face in their communities.”

We think we’ve made a convert out of Verity, and we hope to welcome more medical students onto the truck in the future, to showcase the beauty of the outback and our regional communities as well as the health access challenges they face. Verity is certainly recommending it to her peers.

“I loved joining the team and would highly recommend it to any fortunate medical student wishing to see the real Australia and help make a difference where it is really needed. “

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