Posted on 10th May 2018

The Heart of Australia GP Education Program provides rural and regional doctors with the opportunity to access the latest research, evidence, and advances in specialist areas of medicine – direct from the experts. Our GP Education sessions are held in the local communities we visit, at no cost to the local GPs.

Our experts spend the evening showcasing the latest research, advances and cases to local GPs, emphasising those most relevant to improving patient outcomes and excellence in care. Perhaps most importantly, they make themselves available for local doctors to ask individual and direct questions that are most pertinent to the patients they are currently supporting in their community.

In 2017 we held 14 GP Education sessions in towns across regional Queensland.

Our GP Education events are a vital part of the overall Heart of Australia program, which is dedicated to delivering positive outcomes for the regional communities we visit and support. Just as our patients face the challenges of distance when accessing specialist health services, General Practitioners in regional Australia have very limited opportunities to access professional development relating to specialist fields of medicine, compared to their city cousins.

Heart of Australia’s Associate Prof Karam Kostner, in partnership with Bayer Australia, held a very informative evening in Emerald in April with a group of local GP’s who were provided with up to date knowledge and insight into Difficult Cases in Cardiology. The evening, attended by seven local health professionals, and held at the Marabou Tavern was a great success – thanks to Professor Kostner and Bayer Australia for your support of Heart of Australia’s GP Education programme.

We remain committed to supporting the community, and their local doctors, in breaking down the barrier of distance when it comes to equitable access to high-quality specialist healthcare. 

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