Going the extra distance

Posted on 2nd March 2018

Delivering quality, frontline specialist medical investigation and treatment clinics to regional, rural and remote area communities across Queensland is challenging. We didn’t know quite how challenging it would be until we started to do it. 

We could not deliver the service without the ongoing support of people throughout the Queensland and Australian community, including the support of donations large and small.

In October, the Longreach School of Distance Education (LSODE) P&C committee held a long lunch, with a percentage of funds raised being donated to the Heart of Australia program, which makes fortnightly visits to Longreach with the Heart Bus.

Sally Cooper, Secretary of LSODE P&C said the lunch was a fun, casual afternoon with friends and family coming together in a picnic-style gathering.

“The LSODE families have received amazing support over the many years of drought, so we decided we’d like to give back to those that have supported us by supporting the Heart of Australia.”

“We appreciate the efforts that the Heart of Australia team goes to, to provide services to our region that would not otherwise be available. These services are lifesaving and if it were not available, many people out here would go without or have to travel thousands of kilometres at great expense to get such treatment and services. So we are very grateful to Heart of Australia, thank you!”

It is the fantastic community support from fellow Queenslanders, no matter how large or how small, that ensures Heart of Australia remains on the road, in small towns, providing essential services to remote and rural Queenslanders.

– We continue to appreciate the welcome we receive from every community we visit, and the support we receive from partners and supporters throughout Australia that makes this work possible.

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