Getting a hands-on look at medicine on the road

Posted on 23rd November 2016

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With the Heart of Australia truck showing the way, visiting volunteer pharmacists from Melbourne Michelle Cassumbhoy and Alana Donaldson followed on this month – in the Bayer-sponsored Pharmacy Week – for our circuit taking in Dalby, Goondiwindi and Charleville.

Seeking to experience rural medicine, they approached HoA CEO and Founder Dr Rolf Gomes to be part of the program for some bush experience. Visiting pharmacist Michelle Cassumbhoy says “people often don’t realise the importance of taking medication as directed, particularly after a heart event or procedure. The consequences can be serious and in some cases, even fatal.”

During Pharmacy Week, the two intrepid ladies were involved in meeting local pharmacists, introducing them to HoA patients and helping patients to organise their medications regime.

“Bayer has a commitment to the health and wellbeing of all Australians and we understand the challenges faced by people who live in remote and rural Australia,” commented Nelson Ambrogio, General Manager, Bayer Pharmaceuticals ANZ.

“Because of this we have supported Heart of Australia from when it was just a concept right through to the present day, as we see the services it provides as vital in trying to create equitable access to the health services these remote communities need.

“We are delighted to provide additional support to enable these community-spirited pharmacists to deliver this additional service alongside the Heart of Australia clinic.”

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