Enhanced, onboard lung function testing now available.

Posted on 20th June 2019

Heart of Australia is thrilled to announce that we now have high quality, lung function testing available on board all three of our Heart Trucks.

This new, enhanced service has been made possible thanks to the generous support of Niche Medical, a small, Australian-owned firm that specialises in the distribution of medical equipment, including equipment for respiratory medicine.  Niche medical donated one portable, advanced lung function testing machine outright, and provided a significant discount on the other two units, allowing the service to be available on all three heart trucks.

The new piece of equipment, the EasyOne Pro, will enhance the service we can provide to our regional patients by allowing us to perform real-time, highly reliable lung function testing on the Heart Trucks.  The device is portable, delivers real-time results, is highly accurate and requires no warm-up time or calibration.  It also has no moving parts, which is an ideal scenario for equipment set to travel thousands of kilometres a month on outback roads.

We are thrilled to welcome Niche Medical to the Heart of Australia family of supporters.

Heart of Australia is privileged to enjoy the support of several smaller, Australian-owned companies.

For many of our small business supporters, like Niche Medical, the donation to Heart of Australia is the first time the company has made such a significant contribution to an organisation, proportionate to that organisation’s turnover.  While Niche Medical has been involved in supporting other purpose-driven initiatives, including the Indigenous Respiratory Outreach Care (IROC), the donation of the advanced function lung testing machine to Heart of Australia is the largest donation the company has made in its history.

Niche Medical Director, Craig Abud, said they were excited to be able to support the Heart of Australia initiative.

“As an Australian-owned company, we are passionate about ensuring that all our fellow Australians have access to high-quality medical services.  That means medical staff having access to the equipment they need. When your clinic is on the back of a truck travelling thousands of kilometres a month on uneven roads, that’s an even bigger challenge.

“Working with Dr Gomes, we realised we had a piece of equipment that could help regional patients get access to lung function testing on board the Heart Trucks. It can be challenging when you are a small business, to balance the realities of managing the bottom-line with the desire to make a difference, but it was something we truly wanted to be a part of.”

We love that Heart of Australia is inspiring more and more Australian companies of all sizes, to get involved and make a difference as we work together to deliver the specialist services regional Australians deserve.

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