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Posted on 1st August 2017

The dust has hardly settled on Heart of Australia key sponsor Bayer’s exciting

“Healthy Roadshow” that linked our pioneering clinic-on-wheels work in cardiology with a range of important rural matters – from heart disease to managing allergies in rural areas, the global matter of feeding the planet and modern sustainable agriculture in Australia.

The Bayer roadshow was timed to coincide with Heart of Australia’s regular mobile cardiac clinic visits, starting in Dalby before travelling to Goondiwindi and ending in St George just a couple of days ago.

Dr Rolf Gomes said the roadshow would benefit local people by introducing them to updates on their health, alongside managing their crops and their animals.

“The topics have been carefully chosen to make sure they are relevant to people living and working across the Darling Downs and the southwest,” he said.

“Bayer is bringing thought leaders in locally with the latest information for country communities.  This event is yet another example of Bayer’s long-term commitment to supporting the health all Australians.”

Dr. Gomes was given a warm welcome a few days ago by around 100 Bayer staff at one of their “Town Hall” meetings, where he brought them up to date on the effectiveness of their company’s investment in the program.

“As a founding sponsor of Heart of Australia, Bayer – working with farmers in Australia since 1925 – is helping us to transform a vision of critical support for rural people into a realty”.


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