Who We Are

Heart of Australia Corporate Health Initiative (HOACHI) embodies the most innovative approach to workplace health delivery. Launched in 2018, HOACHI brings mobile health clinics fitted with “state-of-the-art” equipment to worksites across regional, rural and remote Australia. Operated and supervised by our medical experts our health screening, intervention and education programs enable prevention and early disease identification improving the health of workers and driving healthier workplaces.

Our corporate health programs are designed to deliver improved health outcomes at both the individual and organisational level. We believe every employee plays a critical role in business success. Our workplaces health screening and intervention programs are highly time and cost-efficient, enabling rollout to your entire workforce with minimal disruption to your operational schedule. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and medical equipment, we deliver tailored, actionable outcomes that have a real impact on your business and your people.

Our respiratory health surveillance programs support workplaces with services that minimise the lost production time and travel expenses incurred to complete examinations at traditional “bricks-and-mortar” clinics. Our examinations are completed by experienced physicians and our clinics are equipped to deliver respiratory health surveillance including HRCT, laboratory lung function testing, and respiratory specialist reviews to diagnose or exclude a dust related lung disease. Our programs, however, deliver more than just surveillance – we educate workers about the consequences of hazardous exposures and deliver health and safety messages to work preventatively to stop diseases occurring.

As part of the broader Heart of Australia network, HOACHI’s mission is to improve the accessibility to specialist health services for communities living and working in regional, rural and remote Australia. In this respect, we are firmly dedicated to working collaboratively with a wide range of organisational, community and government stakeholders to achieve optimal outcomes for the communities we serve.

Dr Rolf Gomes, Founder of Heart of Australia with Cardiac Sonographer